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Best Nepali Indian Restaurant In America

Our Menu

People like consistency. Whether it’s a store or a restaurant, they want to come in and see what you are famous for.


Chicken Choila
Kukhura ko Pakheta(fried Wings)
Chicken Chowmein
Vegetable Chowmein
Mixed Thukpa
Vegetable Samosa
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Non-Veg Specialities

Chicken Madaras                  $11.99
Chicken Makhani                  $12.99
Chicken Curry(Bones)           $10.99
Chicken Tika Mashala           $11.99
Nepali Khasi Goat Curry        $12.99
Chicken Chilli Mashala           $11.99
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Vegetable Specialities

Aalu Simi Tarkari                      $11.99
Aalu Tama Bodi                         $11.99
Jhaneko Dal                               $9.99
Veggie Vandaloo                        $10.99
Mutter Paneer                            $12.99
Paneer Chilli Fry                        $12.99
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Sea Food Specialitities

Shrimp Tika Mashala                   $13.99
Shrimp Curry                               $13.99
Shrimp Chilli Mashala                   $13.99
Fish Curry                                     $13.99
Shrimp Vindaloo                            $13.99
Shrimp Saag                                  $13.99
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